Isolation Session 1 - "I am with you always"

Isolation Sessions have come about as our response to the current COVID-19 pandemic.  We premiere them live on Facebook and YouTube on Sunday at 11am, but you can also watch them here any time!

Isolation Sessions 2 - "If Only"

This week Pastor Ryan reflects on the resurrection of Lazarus and the closeness of God in difficult and challenging times

Isolation Session 3 - "7 Tips for Times of Crisis"

Join us for our third Isolation Session.  As we journey into Palm Sunday, Pastor Ann shares with us 7 tip for those of us experiencing time of crisis and how those tips should inform our daily practice

Isolation Session 4 - "This Changes Everything"

Join us for Isolation Session 4! This week Pastor Tommy leads us through worship and a reflection for Easter Sunday 2020

Isolation Session 5 - "Peace Be With You"

Welcome to Isolation Session 5! This week Pastor Andrew reflects on Thomas in the days after the resurrection, focusing on the phrase "peace be with you".

Isolation Session 6 - "Where We Are"

This week Pastor Ryan reflects on the two disciples journeying with Jesus on the road to Emmaus in our first family-focused Isolation Session.

Isolation Session 7 - "Finding Pasture"

This week Pastor Ann will be sharing some thoughts on Psalm 23 and asks the question "what is the real role of a shepherd".  We are also sharing in communion, so please feel free to join us as you watch! Either with bread and some red juice or other emblems that you feel are appropriate.

Isolation Session 8 - "I Am the Way"

This week Pastor Tommy reflects on Jesus' words to the disciples in John 14 and how those words are good news, not only to his disciples then, but to us now!